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The entire financial recession of can be summed up as a group of investment bankers who sought to become millionaires by trading in subprime mortgages knowing the homeowner might never make the payments but not worrying about it since the bankers sold off those mortgages to third parties who then assumed the risk. The statement that the ends justifies the means can be traced back to Niccolo Machiavelli.

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In this quote from Chapter 18 of The Prince about keeping faith, or being true to your word, Machiavelli is instructing a Prince on how to behave and how to keep up appearances. He also says that one must be prepared to act in a manner contrary to the appearance to keep up the appearance.

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This is because everyone can see what you appear to be, and only a few will get close enough to touch you and actually find out what happened. These people each with slightly different reasons and motivations are all about appearing as they wish people to see them.

Even if it is nothing like what they really are, even if they are saying the exact opposite of what they will eventually do, they know that few will see through their appearances. So, for Machiavelli, to appear to be doing something is good enough even if the actor has no intention of doing so, or achieving an end result far outweighs how we got there; what road we took; and whether our behavior was ethical or not. The reason the means are important, maybe more important than the ends, is how we get to our goal is just as important as getting there.

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17. Do the Ends Justify the Means: Utilitarian Ethics

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The End Justifies The Means Philosophy Essay

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If the Ends Don’t Justify the Means, What Does? | Rational Romantics

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