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Content is loading Close Print. Keep me signed in. Not a member? For the trait "coherence and organization" in a four-point rubric:. Step 6: Design a format for presenting the rubric to students and for scoring student work.

Research Process Rubric

Step 7: Test the rubric and fine tune it based on feedback from colleagues and students. Angelo Foreword by Nebraska Graduate Studies Scoring Rubrics. Good scoring rubrics: Consist of a checklist of items, each with an even number of points.

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For example, two-point rubrics would indicate that the student either did or did not perform the specified task. Four or more points in a rubric are common and indicate the degree to which a student performed a given task. Are criterion based.

That is, the rubric contains descriptive criteria for acceptable performance that are meaningful, clear, concise, unambiguous, and credible--thus ensuring inter-rater reliability. Are used to assess only those behaviors that are directly observable. Here is a list of concept words that convey various degree of performance:. Skip to main content.

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What is a Rubric? Benefits 5 Steps for Constructing a Rubric What is a rubric?

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Criteria - categories of student behavior being measured Levels - degrees of completion, success, performances, etc. Standards for Performance - describe the intersection of levels and criteria Two types of rubrics Holistic Rubric A holistic rubric involves one single scale holistic rating with a single score for an entire product or performance based on an overall impression.

There are advantages and disadvantages to holistic rubrics: Advantages Disadvantages Emphasis on what the student is able to demonstrate, rather than what they cannot do. Saves time by minimizing the number of decisions faculty make. Can be applied consistently by raters increasing reliability. Does not provide specific feedback for improvement.

Forming a More Perfect Rubric

When student work is at varying levels spanning the criteria points it can be difficult to select the single best description. Criteria cannot be weighted.

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Advantages Disadvantages Provide useful feedback on areas of strength and weakness. Criterion can be weighted to reflect the relative importance of each dimension. Takes more time to create and use than a holistic rubric. Unless each point for each criterion is well-defined raters may not arrive at the same score. Emphasis on what the student is able to demonstrate, rather than what they cannot do.